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Jacqueline Norvell
aka Brown Bag Lady

Brown Bag Lady Serves Homeless in LA and Hollywood

PUBLISHED 9:54 AM ET AUG. 21, 2020

Thank you Spectrum News 1 for featuring Brown Bag Lady. We are honored

and will continue to do our best to serve the community.

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We’ve always stood for strength and resilience, and in the past months, we’ve seen more stories than ever of people rising to the occasion and taking action to help others. These people are our giants, and we’re proud to recognize and support them through The Brawny® Giants Initiative. If you know someone making a difference who we should support, share their story with us at

Rents in Los Angeles County are INSANE!! Car insurance is stooopid expensive, and for a city of this size, our public transportation is not the greatest, so you are pretty much forced to have a car. Combine those 3 factors alone, and you have a homeless crisis.
THANK YOU @doseofsociety for including us in your documentary. We are honored and we will continue to fight the good fight! 
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posted by Breanna Chianne -  Jul 9, 2019​

Jacqueline Norvell is on a mission to help
the homeless one brown bag at a time!

YouTube's "60 Second Docs" introduced us to this charitable pioneer. Jacqueline, better known as The Brown Bag Lady, started her L.A.-based non-profit with hunger and compassion in mind. She and her crew pack 200 bag lunches every month to hand out amongst the less fortunate in the city's Skid Row.

Not only do they come equipped with food and free haircuts, but the most valuable thing she prides herself on offering is a smile.

THANK YOU 60 Second Docs for helping shine light on this homeless epidemic in Los Angeles. It was an absolute honor to spend the afternoon with Christopher Stoudt.

Because of your donations, Brown Bag Lady is able to hand out scholarships to college-bound youth who are both academic superstars and active in their community.

$1,000 Academic and Community Service Scholarship!! 


Jacqueline Norvell
aka Brown Bag Lady

WHAT. A. NIGHT! My feet still haven't touched the ground.  The love I felt in that ballroom, sitting in between my brother who flew in from Florida and my best-friend who flew in from Georgia. Looking at the table to my right and seeing my baby cousin and her mother who surprised me from Northern California. And a table of 10 attorneys from my firm that I absolutely love, to my left. All of my peeps at my table ... BEAMING when they looked at me, as if their child had just won the National Spelling Bee! Cheering, applauding, a standing ovation! I don't have words to articulate how I felt. How I still feel. The fact that the Century City Chamber of Commerce acknowledged Brown Bag Lady! Hopefully these pics will give you a glimpse into my heart.

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