1st Fundraiser



🌟WHAT A NIGHT🌟 The Brown Bag Lady Fundraiser was ... AMAZING!! The people, the energy, the positive vibes flowing through that room was ⚡️electrifying⚡️ All walks of life, all shades of people, all different political and religious beliefs. But we all have one common goal ... to help make a difference in the homeless community. Twas a ✨MAGICAL✨ evening. A night I will never-ever forget. I’m still floating in the ☁️ ☁️ from all of your love & support!
From the bottom of my heart... Thank you for your generosity, thank you for making the first Brown Bag Lady Fundraiser a huge success! To all my friends who flew in from around the country, for just one night... I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you! To my friends that stayed up half the night, ran downtown for me, woke up at the crack of dawn to help prepare for October 17 and shot me 4 AM text messages with great ideas, I love you!! There is nothing in this 🌎 I wouldn’t do for ya’ll.
~Brown Bag Lady

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