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COREY RAY of Crenshaw High

We are thrilled that we could gift Corey $1,000 to assist him on his way to San Francisco State. Corey’s mother and grandmother were SO proud of him. They were beaming with pride!  Good luck Corey! We will be pullen for ya!

TO THE FIRST TWO RECIPIENTS OF THE Brown Bag Lady $1,000 Academic and Community Service Scholarship!! 


  • MISS JADA SALAZAR wowed us with her 4.2 GPA, earning her a full-ride to USC. Not only excelling academically, but also as Captain of her track team, as well as Student Body President. I have no doubt that Jada will accomplish her dream of one day becoming a fierce attorney.

  • MISS SAISHA SMITH has a remarkable story of growth and determination. Her submission was funny and real (something that I personally appreciate). Saisha channelled much of her growth into her artwork. Saisha will be attending Cal State LA in the Fall.

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