Photo/Video Gallery
October 3, 2021 - Brown Bag Lady in Skid Row, Los Angeles! 
September 2021 - Brown Bag Lady in Skid Row, Los Angeles!

Holiday weekend.
One barber showed up.
Stood in the blazing hot sun.
Cut hair for hours.
In the blazing hot sun.
For free.
Not a single complaint.
Choppen it up with the patrons of Skid Row. Talking sports, politics, life. Man2Man.
@i_am_j.ellis We are forever grateful for your time and your talent that you lend us. You make an already amazing Sunday even more spectacular by providing free haircuts to our friends on Skid Row. 
September 5, 2021 - Fresh Fruit to our Friends - Sundays with Brown Bag Lady!
ALWAYS an amazing day when we can offer fresh fruit to our friends on Skid Row.  Especially on a blazing hot day! 97°
So much love and appreciation for @lesdogggg and @supermarketsweepabc for making this possible.
We are… forever grateful.
August 30, 2021 - Supermarket Sweep - Leslie Jones Donation to Brown Bag Lady!
On the set of SUPERMARKET SWEEP - We are forever & ever grateful to Leslie Jones @lesdogggg for not just talken the talk. Let me tell you… she is walking the walk! 
She is hilarious and kind and generous beyond belief and using her platform to shine a light on our non-profit. 
Because of Leslie Jones, we were able to go to the set of @supermarketsweepabc and they donated so much food that every inch of our van was FULL!
Here’s a glimpse of how our morning went. AMAZING! Simply … amazing!
August 23, 2021 - Leslie Jones Donation to Brown Bag Lady!
July 2, 2021 - Brown Bag Lady - Liquid Death

Water in a can that looks like a 40?! We are here for it! 
Thank you @liquiddeath for making sure the folks we serve stay hydrated, while sipping on your fauncee H2O

June 26, 2021 - Brown Bag Lady - Hollywood, California

We gotchya covered from head to toe. Even when ya can’t reach your toes.

Stylen in a brand-new pair of @vans made even more comfy by her brand-new @bombas socks.

We are so grateful to these awesome brands for donating to our mission. They are making sure we are able to get shoes and socks to some of the people that need it the most in our city.

June 25, 2021 - POPPY & ROSE we love you!!

@poppyandrosela …without fail… makes it possible for us to pass out delicious meals to our homeless neighbors. 

When the pandemic first hit, the owners of the restaurant @kwiniland along with her very talented husband and chef @chefmichaelreed  reached out - concerned about the homeless. Everything was shutting down. Their restaurant, along with thousands of others, resorted to take-out. Like the rest of the world, we started to see businesses all over Los Angeles struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic and sadly closing down. Windows and doors all over the city boarded up. And it seemed like the homeless tripled in numbers. 

Poppy & Rose never failed us. They prepared hundreds of delicious

• Fried chicken sandwiches w/their secret sauce, lettuce & tomato on a brioche bun.

• Green salad with a creamy vinaigrette dressing.

We are forever grateful for your continued generosity!