Photo/Video Gallery
June 12, 2021 - Brown Bag Lady

We know the restaurant industry was hit hard in 2020. So it really means a lot to us when a restaurant donates meals.

We truly appreciate it.

THANK YOU @bjsrestaurants

Thanks for coordinating your team and dropping everything off to us. @m_b0 and @d_h13120 You guys are awesome!

A guy saw the BJs logo from across the street and came running over “Are you passing out beer?!” Not today.

June 6, 2021 - Brown Bag Lady 1st Sunday of the Month
June 4, 2021 - One Hundred Seventh Street Elementary School
May  26, 2021 -  VANS DID NOT COME TO PLAY!
  • Tennis shoes

  • Pants

  • Socks

  • Hats

  • Backpacks

  • Beanies

  • Fannypacks

  • Tshirts

  • Jackets

  • Shorts

All going on the backs and feet of our unhoused neighbors.

@vans we are forever grateful for your continued support and generosity. Truly!

@jordannicoleschweitz it is an absolute pleasure to work with you and your AWESOME team! Thank you for everything!

May  2021 -  Plumcot Farm!

Bushels and bushels of homegrown love. 

We love and appreciate you so much @plumcotfarm 

A beautiful example of what can happen when we work together. 

An organic farm in Malibu donated aaalll of these organic veggies. A group of crazy cool humans who LOVE to cook, will soak, clean, chop, re-soak, re-clean (if you’ve ever had veggies straight from a farm, then you know how much work it is to get everything clean), slice, dice, and come up with a creative way to use these beautiful organic veggies.


Much love & appreciation goes out to:

Without your hardcore dedication and creativity, the people we serve would not be able to enjoy these fresh organic vegetables in delicious dishes that you all create.


Much love and respect, Brown Bag Lady & Crew.

May  2021 -  Fresh Fruit!

It’s such a treat for the homeless to have fresh fruit that doesn’t come in a can. We try our very best to provide fresh fruit with our meals.

When we first started, we put 🍎🍏🍎 in every brown bag lunch. I would walk around Skid Row and see all of our apples thrown on the curb. So I stopped and asked someone why they were throwing our apples away and he explained “Baby, we don’t have teeth to be biting into apples...” And that is how we started giving away bananas.

May  9, 2021 -  Mother's Day!

I decided to honor my mother on Mother’s Day by doing something that both her and my father instilled in us at a very young age… to give back. We were not a rich family. What we lacked in dollar signs, we more than made up for with love and hugs, homemade games, endless hours of laughter and creativity. That’s what happens when you’re not rich. You create games and are forced to share with your brother and sister because you do not have an abundance. There was one TV (with aluminum foil on the antenna). And since I was the youngest ...I... was the remote control. Mom cooked and we ate dinner together every night. We did laundry and folded clothes together on the weekends. Sometimes we did not have a car so we walked to the grocery store and pushed the grocery cart all the way back home… together. My mom NEVER complained. She was the epitome of “glass half full.” She was the absolute best human.

Cheers to all the mamas out there who fight hard for their child. Whether your babies have two legs or four legs with fur. 

May  2021 -  Sanitizers!

4,000 hand sanitizers! Let me repeat that. I said... FOUR THOUSAND hand sanitizers!

You have no idea what this means to the homeless community.

THANK YOU @fivefour for this very generous donation!

Trust and believe we will get these into the hands that need them the most. Literally.

May  2021 -  When Your Outfit Matches!

When your outfit matches your @pepsi 

AaaAahhh... I can taste those sweet bubbles. 

THANK YOU @pepsi for such a generous donation and helping us quench the thirst of many on a hot day on Skid Row.


Because of these amazing, spectacular, selfless barbers, we are able to offer free haircuts to the homeless. Forever grateful to:

Making an already great day even more spectacular by just showing up! Restoring dignity and faith to an entire neighborhood that is often ignored and overlooked.

My nephew @gethit_milesnorvell always nearby to chop it up with the “customers,” making it feel like a real barber shop.

April  2021 -  Did someone say Indian food?!

The chicken marinated all night in Indian spices. Grilled and then added to basmati rice. On the menu: Biryani.

Kudos to these young men and their parents for making sure our homeless neighbors received a deeeelicious home cooked Indian dish.

We thank you for your very generous donation and labor of love.