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April 11, 2021 -  In Honor of Ryan

You have a child. You give that child everything you’ve got to give. You blink! And they’re all grown up. They move out. And you pray... pray... pray for their journey.

This is Ryan. He passed away one year ago today. His mother made a donation with a note “My son passed away on Skid Row. It brings me a small amount of comfort knowing that he may have received one of your meals and a warm smile from you or one of your volunteers…“

So we decided to take her donation and buy Ryan’s favorite meal... Pizza.
In honor of Ryan and his heartbroken family, we handed out pepperoni pizzas today.

In the words of @tanksgoodnews

If you’ve ever lost someone to addiction, just know that they weren’t weak, their disease was just too strong.
Peaceful journey, Ryan

March 24, 2021 -  THANK YOU

@bombas socks for everyone!!

THANK YOU @emily_marchand for hooking us up with these amazingly soft & comfy socks donated by @bombas
If ya don’t know. Now ya knowwww ... One purchased. One donated.
We passed out socks from Skid Row to Hollywood to Venice Beach.

March 21, 2021 -  SUNDAYS

SUNDAYS are always pretty amazing, but this Sunday was made EXTRA special by the incredible meal that was donated by a group of people who just ... love to cook!

We had:

•Carolina chopped pork- @effectivelywild @jnjs_bbq
•Potato salad- @effectivelywild 
•Cornbread & honey butter- @caitlynmonty 
•White beans w/greens- @ivettesoler
•Creamed corn- @kt_wayne
•Mac and cheese- @emilymarchand
•Chocolate mousse @caitmonty


Youngsters from @ekam_usa  donated 100 snack bags and penne pasta. Thank you! 

Hundreds of fresh baked cookies donated by the amazing ladies of the @cookiecoalition created by my buddy @kimdaviswag

The night ended perfectly… A homeless man named Red serenaded my best-friend  @_cali4ever for her birthday.

Everyone was SO grateful and happy to receive such a delicious meal and we are forever grateful to the amazing human beings that made this meal possible.

March 2021 -  City full of Super Heroes

Thank you Los Angeles for coming through like a City full of Super Heroes, when we needed you most!

March 7, 2021 -  BARBERS ARE BACK!!

It’s been one whole year since we have been able to offer free haircuts to the homeless.

Thanks to @i_am_j.ellis for organizing this amazing collaboration and connecting us with  Thank you!

Every “customer” was treated with the utmost respect.

February 20, 2021 -  THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!!

These little angels from @thegivingexpress made 350 AWESOME toiletry bags for us to pass out to the homeless. Teenagers working all weekend long. Several weekends in a row, to make sure that the homeless can survive on the streets.


We so very much appreciate all of your hard work! And ... Thank you to the mama bears for leading by example. 

February 17, 2021 -  Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 2021 -  Poppy & Rose

We are so grateful for the consistent generosity of Poppy & Rose. They know we serve the homeless and they never skimp on the meals. Always including a salad with their delicious fried chicken sandwich. We are forever grateful.


Thank you @capitalonecafe and @rissarecharged for making sure that we have delicious @peetscoffee to serve our homeless neighbors.

Thanks @inglewoodiane for the awesome @raiders masks.

December 2020

The community came together like never before to help us show our homeless neighbors sssoooo much LOVE!

Bludsos BBQ donated and smoked all of the turkeys.

We Are Friends And Family Restaurant in Hollywood opened their entire restaurant to us and basically ... saved the day when our original plan turned into a complete disaster!

So many beautiful people in the community cooked and chopped and sliced and diced to make sure that we were able to make over 200 amazing meals. Thank you to everyone! There is no way we could’ve done it without’chya!

Yes, I know it’s March.  But honestly ... I just took my Christmas decorations down last week. So we’re right on time.

December 6, 2020


A delicious meal delivered piping hot by the dynamic duo of @paynedotgov and her partner in crime @dougmccollough. They continue to amaze us with their generosity and down-home good vibes. Thank you!

We were out one night and this young man swooped up and asked what we were doing. Four weeks later, he showed up with a truck full of coats, cases of water, and enough energy to compete with our crew. @readykebede we are so very grateful for your hustle and amazing energy.

We taped an Alex Trebek quote onto 200 to-go containers. Peaceful journey, fine sir. Thanks for the years of wisdom.

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