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September 19, 2017

The Century City
Chamber of Commerce
2017 Women of Achievement (WOA) Annual Award

WHAT. A. NIGHT! My feet still haven't touched the ground. ⭐️☁️⭐️ The love I felt in that ballroom, sitting in between my brother who flew in from Florida and my best-friend who flew in from Georgia. Looking at the table to my right and seeing my baby cousin and her mother who surprised me from Northern California. And a table of 10 attorneys from my firm that I absolutely love, to my left. All of my peeps at my table ... BEAMING when they looked at me, as if their child had just won the National Spelling Bee! Cheering, applauding, a standing ovation! I don't have words to articulate how I felt. How I still feel. The fact that the Century City Chamber of Commerce acknowledged Brown Bag Lady! Hopefully these pics will give you a glimpse into my heart. ❤️


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